Bistro 880 - Fremont/Newark, CA
Bistro 880 - Fremont/Newark, CA

Bistro 880 – Fremont/Newark, CA, – The old Ginger Lounge @ the DoubleTree Hotel in Newark was going through a facelift. The management rebuilt the old restaurant & bar from scratch with a modern new concept, Bistro 880. We fabricated the top of the old pylon with a new sign top, painted the old mounting pole, a brand new wall sign and new interior glass sign.


Bistro 880 Information:

Thorough Stimulation Awaits You
Complete captivation of your senses. Dangerously close to sensory overload.
A revolutionary dining experience. A transformation of the mind, body, and soul.

Eye (Sight) Engage
Hints of laughter. Gleam of happiness. Desires manifested atop
every table. Feasting isn’t limited to the stomach.

Hear No Evil (Sound)
Pulsating music mirroring room energy impeccably. Cuisine vibrating to the
rhythm of satisfaction. Dancing prerequisites not required.

(Touch) Receptors Stimulate
Textures that tantalize the tongue. Skin, awake with anticipation.
Fingers, ready to wrap around a chilled glass.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Newark – Fremont
39900 Balentine Drive, Newark, California, 94560-0564