Sign Installation Procedure – Issues to understand before your sign is installed

Scheduling: When scheduling your sign installation, you will be given a date of installation. The sign installer will normally install between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm. The time to install will depend on the size of the project. In busy months of the year installation may start as early as 8:00am and as late as 4:00pm.

Onsite Person Of Authority: A person must be onsite at the time of installation who will be deemed the “Onsite person of Authority” to make instant decisions for your company at the time of installation. This person will also be required to “Sign an Installer Worksheet” at the completion of the install.

Payment: In most cases, you will be required to have final payment available at the “beginning” of the installation process. Please have a check or credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER or AMEX) ready when the installation is in process. In a result of “non- sufficient funds” or “non-payment”, the sign will not be installed. You will have to call Amcoe Sign and “reschedule” a new installation date + extra charges will apply for a second trip.

Fabrication Verification: Please verify all products “Before” installation commences, the installer will show the products to the “onsite person of authority” and have them double check the signs to be installed for correct color, logo style, font, placement, etc.

Secure Premise Locations: Clients in secure facilities must have name tags ready, card keys to the approved sign installation locations and must give notice to all security patrols that we will be installing signs on appropriate days.

Locks on Signs: Some Directories and High Traffic Sign Kiosks in Exterior Locations, Malls and/or Building Plaza’s have external key locks. Do you have the keys onsite or does the property manager have to bring them down at the time of the install? Making a sign installer sit around & wait while the keys are found will cost extra money.

Site Requirements: Make sure that the location will have adequate power, light, & water 24 hours before installation. Larger signs must have access to direct parking at the location of installation for work trucks and/or a crane/lift. Please make sure all landscaping is away from sign area and the ground/location is free and clear from obstructions, large signs and/or work vehicles WILL DAMAGE landscaping while being installed unless site area is properly preconfigured.

Prior Sign Removal Before Installation: Please make sure any old signs are removed before the installer shows up to install the new signage in the same locations. Also make sure the location of the old sign has been refinished, old holes or damage to wall/structure have been patched and/or painted before new sign is installed. If you cannot repair previous sign locations yourself, please contact us to repair your old sign locations “BEFORE” the scheduled date of installation. It will take time to repair walls and you must leave most paint 24 hours of cure time before new signs can be installed. (Separate charge will be incurred)

Unforeseen Issues: Mounting signage and electrical into/onto older buildings, brick walls, aluminum siding, concrete block, digging into landscaped areas, etc. all have pitfalls that can normally be rectified onsite. Any extra hardware, attachments, electrical, repair of sprinklers or sewer lines will be discussed with the “Onsite Person of Authority” and a “Change Order” in cost will be delivered by the Installer.

Delays in Installation: Any delay in installation will result in an hourly charge of $90.00 per hour while the issue is resolved. (1-Hour Min.) Any installation that cannot take place on the scheduled day and time will result in a “Re-Install” on a future day and will incur another install charge + travel time.

Common Delays are:

  1. Onsite Person of Authority is not available, and the installer sits and waits for this person to show up and answer questions.
  2. Location of where sign is to be installed is not available and filling cabinets, furniture, cubicles, bushes, trees need to be disassembled and/or removed.
  3. Old Signage has not been removed prior to new sign installation.
  4. Building or Sign Cabinet is locked and no one has the key to gain access.
  5. Final Payment is not available and the installer waits for check to be cut or credit card to be found.
  6. Security Patrols halt work while proper clearance is given to installers.