Smoking Pig BBQ

Customer Spotlight – Smoking Pig BBQ, Fremont, CA

Our signs are in the Smoking Pig BBQ TV Commercial. We are very happy to be the sign vendor of choice for Smoking Pig BBQ, but more than that, we love their BBQ! If you get a chance to visit Fremont, we highly recommend trying some, it’s mouthwatering.

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  1. JASON DeReese
    JASON DeReese says:

    Wow! It is about time Fremont, CA has a real BBQ place. The variety of smoked pork items on the menu is a most likely a trait of a great BBQ connoisseur.
    I’m very happy to see CIG doing justice to the design. Form follows function. Looks great, I am trying to plan a trip to the Bay area with my son and we can enjoy the BBQ and visit with my California family.


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