Simple Parking Sign = NOT so Simple

JH-Visitor-Parking2You want to just throw in a couple of Private Parking signs on your property or maybe have a couple of Reserved Spaces for the Big Boss or CEO.

Simple, right?

In theory, yes. In reality, there are some things to understand before you just call a sign company and have them drop in a couple of signs.

1. What material is the ground? Dirt is relatively easier install; just dig a 6″ hole and drop the sign in with some concrete mix. But if there is already concrete or asphalt, the location needs to be core drilled by a core drilling professional. That will cost extra money.

2. I have dirt available! That’s it, right? Unfortunately, no. You have to take into account what might lie beneath the dirt you’re digging. Sprinkler Lines, Sewer Lines, Gas Lines, Electrical Wires, Roots, etc., or are there trees, bushes, or retaining walls blocking the area? Always discuss with your Landscaper or Facilities managing the sign project and verify that there are NO OBSTRUCTIONS before the sign installation takes place. You may also want to call “USA Underground”, a local agency that keeps track of underground infrastructure in most San Francisco Bay Area cities.

3. I want people towed when they park in the reserved space! If so, you need to contract with a local towing company and they will give you a telephone number that MUST be placed on the sign to allow the owner of the car to retrieve his/her vehicle back. Some cities also require that the local sheriff or police department number be placed on the sign also.

So, it’s not super difficult to get your new parking signs installed, as long as you just remember to follow the rules above and avoid the pitfalls.

Parking Sign Detail Sheet


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