5 Steps for Sign Production & Manufacturing

Creating and fabricating signage is fun and exciting for us and for our clients. Nothing say’s “We’re Open for Business” like a brand new sign mounted on the outside of your building. Everyone hates paperwork, but unfortunately there is a paperwork process that must be followed before we can start manufacturing your new signs. Please take a couple of moments to review the 5 Steps below, the Amcoe Sign staff will try and make this process as easy as possible.

Step 1:  Signature Approval on Design Drawings

All signage is custom fabricated from one standpoint or another. All signage has to be designed with detailed drawings and before Amcoe Sign Company starts fabrication on any sign project, you must “Approve” a set of sign design drawings first.

Click on the image to the Right – “Sign & Date” Location

Step 2: Signature Approval on Signage Quote

Please make sure you understand and verify the total costs involved in a large sign project. Most large sign projects can take 4 to 8 weeks to manufacture. The costs can be expensive, so make sure you know what you are buying and all the costs involved. We will need a signed quote before moving forward in the process.

Click on the image to the Right – “Sign & Date” Location

Step 3: – 50% Downpayment & PO (Purchase Order) for Second 1/2 of Payment

Amcoe Sign will not start a project without a 50% Down Payment. Custom signs have to be individually designed and hand fabricated, there is no return policy if you decide midway through the fabrication build that you want to change your name or logo. We can’t sell a “Mary’s Bakery Sign” to anyone else but Mary. So, their’s no “Mulligans” in sign fabrication. Make “Darn Tooting Sure” you love your brand, name, trademark and logo before you drop the money to have it built in 3 dimensions. 🙂

(Amcoe Sign can provide a 1/2 Downpayment invoice if requested)

Amcoe Sign Accepts most forms of Payment: Business Check, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Cash

Step 4: Sign Permit Application (Exterior Signs Only)

We will fill out a sign permit application and submit to the City Planning & Building Department as your C45 Contractor of record. We are held responsible to fabricate & provide a “Method of Attachment” for the sign, to the specifications detailed on the design drawings.

Structural Engineering: Some cities may require structural engineering for signage that is oversized or could be hazardous in an Earthquake or Hurricane situation.

Note: As a professional business or individual, you can fill out the Sign Permit Application and submit yourself for your own sign permit. This saves the cost of having us pull the sign permit for you.

Step 5: Landlord or Building Owner Signature (Exterior Signs Only)

Almost every city requires a landlord or building owner signature on the Sign Permit Application for the City Building and Planning Departments. This verifies to the City that the building owner knowingly agrees and understands the signs that will be installed on their building.

Step 5: A Stamped Set APPROVAL drawings from the City (Exterior Signs only)

Amcoe Sign will not start a project without an Approved Sign Permit Set from the City for your building or project, the City will provide us a “Stamped Set of Drawings” with signatures from a planning department and/or building department staff member.

GREAT, we’re done, we can start fabrication!

Once we get the stamped set back from the City, a timeline will be provided for you, for manufacturing time. Large project fabrication time runs around 4 to 8 weeks depending upon the size and scale of the project.