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Classic – “What NOT to Do, Sign Prep”

Let me preface this post as saying I have a fantastic relationship with my customer, STATSChipPAC, and they truly are great to work with and just super nice people. Unfortunately, they lease their building from a less than desirable management company/landlord. When we first discussed this project this older building had been leased by another […]

What is that thing? It’s a Sign Timer!

If you own a business and you have a back storage or electrical room you’ve seen this thing, or passed by it at least a million times. It must be a time machine, you think, with all that gibberish! Not to fear, it’s just your friendly sign timer! The sign timer is an old fashioned […]

Sprinklers – Toxic to Signs!

When a sign person hears the word “SPRINKLERS” from his or her client it’s like telling Han Solo that he’s flying into the Death Star, the big booming sound of “Boom Boom Boom, Boom Ba Boom, Boom Ba Boom” starts radiating from the inside of our heads. Sprinklers are the arch enemy of monument signs […]

What does a Sign Cost?

Every day, and I mean every day, I get someone on the phone who calls out of the blue and asks, “How Much is a Sign”? Well, if you have never purchased a sign before I can understand the question, but the answer is complicated. Do you want a “4 Story Las Vegas Billboard”? or […]