Master Sign Program (MSP)

Many development projects demand signage programs that specifically address needs that transcend existing ordinances. Master Sign Programs can be required by regulatory agencies or initiated by private real estate developments seeking to assure design quality, program structure and continuity. Part of any MSP is approval by the governing agency. Coulthard Identity’s role is to create program standards and design criteria. The Coulthard Identity Group also works within the dictates of existing sign programs when clients require variances to meet special needs.

Sign Standards

Large scale, multi-location sign programs that are implemented over time are typically plagued by planning, procurement, implementation and maintenance inefficiencies. Sign standards provide the programming and design criteria, fabrication specifications, installation instructions, maintenance directions and procurement channels that assure quality, continuity and efficiency throughout the life of a program. The Coulthard Identity Group offers a focused approach to maximizing signage programs by leveraging an organization’s purchasing power and management resources.

Architectural Signage

Designing highly functional signage that adds character and interest, complements the architecture, interiors and landscape it serves and enhances a brand is at the core of our 80 years in business. Architectural signage programs typically entail both interior spaces and exterior wayfinding and skyline signage. The Coulthard Identity Group’s experience with designing and managing challenging skyline signs is extensive, and examples of it can be seen nationwide. The Coulthard Identity Group is highly effective at securing variances for these special installations and at designing and managing the implementation of all architectural installations.